EPWI Product Lines

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Callies offers high performance crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshaft cores, and components. Special order only.

Canton Racing

Racing Oil Pans and oil system components, and engine and oil system accessories . Stocked in all EPWI locations.


One of the most recognized names in automotive history with a variety of heat ranges/sizes available to complete your tune up. Champion racing plugs are available in all EPWI locations.


Clevite/Mich 77 bearings are standard items in over 90% of all EPWI kits. Clevite offers a wide range of engine bearings that includes: Rod, Mains, Cam and Thrust. Available in a variety of sizes that meet or exceed OEM specs. Also available at all EPWI locations are Clevite 77 Performance Bearings, plastigage, bolt boots, and assembly lube. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Cloyes has one of the most in depth lines of coverage for timing sets & accessories. Components including dampners, guides and tensioners for both domestic and foreign applications. Also available from Cloyes are heavy duty and perform timing sets for domestic applications and limited coverage on popular transfer case chains. Stocked at all EPWI locations.


Performance Gaskets with state of the art sealants and technology. Stocked at all EPWI Locations.

Comp Cams

Competition Cams is the leader in performance cams. From mild replacement cams to cams for winning engines in all forms of racing Comp Cams's products perform. EPWI and Comp offer a very complete line of Cams, Lifters, Springs and Valve Train Components. Comp Cams is in stock at all EPWI locations.

Crane Cams

As one of the most recognized names in the motorsports industry, Crane Cams has a complete line of valve train related items that includes, cams, lifters, springs, retainers, valve locks, lash caps, timing, push rods, rockers, and many more! Stocked at all EPWI locations.


Manufacturer and supplier of high performance starters, altenators, oil pumps, water pumps, vacuum pump and billet accessories. Stocked in all EPWI Locations.

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