EPWI Product Lines

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Manufacturer and supplier of high performance Connecting rods, Crankshafts and Rotating assemblies for popluar applications. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Whether you operate a large commercial repair shop or you are a do-it-at-home mechanic, Eco>Absorb should never be far away. Eco>Absorb can easily absorb new and used motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, diesel fuel, gasoline and our neutralizer can help safely pick up dangerous spills like battery acid. Since Eco>Absorb is so light weight your disposal fees for hazardous materials could be reduced by up to 80% when compared to clay absorbents. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


One of the oldest and most respected names in the performance industry, Edelbrock offers a wide range of engine related items from carbs, intake manifolds, cams, timing comp, cylinder heads, and accessories including value covers & air cleaners. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Egge Machine

Piston manufacturer and supplier of obsolete parts that specializes in domestic vehicle applications from the early 1900s to 1980. Special order only.


Push rods and rocker arms for most domestic and some foreign vehicle. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Engine Pro

Engine Pro brand products are designed to offer the highest quality in high performance parts along with a moderate price to give racers and performance engine builders a more affordable way to do what they do best—win races. Stocked in all EPWI locations!

Engine Quest

EQ is a leading supplier of new, reclaimed and re-manufactured engine parts. We specialize in stock and performance cylinder heads as well as head bolts, timing covers, harmonic balancers and much more. EQ also provides the industry with specialty tools, adapters and hard to find components. Stocked in all EPWI locations or can be special ordered.

ESCO Industries

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, ESCO® provides you with a quality source for your diesel and gasoline engine parts needs. Esco Manufactures pistons and liners for the medium and heavy equipment, truck, automotive, marine and tractor and forklift markets. Available by special order only.

E-Z UP® Instant Shelters

The #1 choice for Intant Shelter® Products in the world. Recomended for race teams, Pit shade, car show, promo's, demo Events, and race day events. E-Z UP® is known for providing superior products built with premium materials for long lasting durability. They offer an extensive line of instant portable shelters, tables, flags, banners, and accessories. SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

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