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Pac Racing Springs

PAC Racing Springs is the Racing and Aftermarket Division of the Peterson Spring Company. With more than 10 divisions around the world, Peterson Spring is the largest privately held, family owned Spring Company in the USA. With more than 100 years of operation.

Packard Industries

Packard Industries, makers of Rebuilders Choice, makes it easy to find hard-to-find and obsolete Engine, Suspension, Brake and Electrical parts when searching for hard to find parts for antique, special interest , muscle cars and trucks. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Percy's High Performance

Supplier of Internally locking fasteners, header and collector gaskets, and metering blocks & accessories. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Perma-Coil inserts and repair kits are designed to repair stripped threads in a variety of metals including aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, cast iron and bronze. If the original threads can be stripped, there is a Perma-Coil insert to repair it. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Permatex is a leading manufacturer of premium chemical sealants for vehicle assembly. Since 1909 the company has been an acknowledged leader in the development of innovative gasket makers, sealants and thread compounds.a Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Pertronix Ignitor

Practically sells itself, a convenient easily installed Electronic ignition conversion kit that eliminates the hassles of points, while still maintaining stock appearance for old car enthusiasts. Available for domestic, foreign and industrial applications. Stocked at all EPWI locations


Pioneer is a wide ranging line of popular as well as hard to find items. Includes freeze plug kits, valve train components, flexplates, ring gears, harmonic balancers, A/T filter kits, fasteners, and shop supplies. Stocked at all EPWI locations.

Powermaster Performance

High Performance starters, and High output alternators. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Professional Products

Professional Products offers a number of different manifolds, fuel delivery components, harmonic dampers and accessories. Stocked at all EPWI locations.


Proform offers a wide variety of engine components and accessories. Including chrome accessories, carburetor products, cooling, starters, altenators, distributors, valve train, tools and many more. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Supplier of performance Rocker arms, Stud girdles, Gear drives, Flywheel & Flexplates, Water pumps, Dampers and Engine test stands. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

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