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Rebuilders Choice

We take the hard work out of finding the parts you need for that next restoration. Check out Rebuilders Choice Line's of Antique, Vintage, and hard to find bearings, fuel pumps, carburetors & kits, Engine Timing Components, and valve train parts. Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Red Horse

We make high performance hose ends, hoses, adapters and accessories. Hand polished, color matched, CNC machined, race tested. We look like no other fitting line. We perform like no other fitting line. We are priced like no other fitting line. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Full line of shop supplies for abrasives belts & stones, cleaning brushes, reamers, Porting and polishing, resurfacing and refacing work, grinding oils, and more! Stocked in all EPWI locations.

Reliance Power Parts

Reliance Power Parts has a commanding range of new and remanufactured heavy duty part coverage for the agricultural, construction, and truck industries. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


Remflex’s unique flexible graphite material has been proven for more than 30 years in industrial applications, where temperatures routinely exceed 2,000 degrees. You can be assured that Remflex exhaust gaskets will work properly the first time, every time. stocked in all EPWI locations.


Racing Head Service offers stock and performance cylinder heads. Stocked in all EPWI locations


For nearly 30 years, ROSS Racing Pistons have designed and manufactured pistons for all forms of motor sports. Special order only.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants for automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications. Stocked in all EPWI locations.


RPC specializes in OEM grade aftermarket parts and components. Browse our catalog of over 5,000+ parts. Intakes, Cylinder Heads, Headers, Valve Covers, Fuel Pumps, Filters, Oil Pans, and more! Stocked in all EPWI locations.

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